Monday, July 23, 2012

Austerity's Big Winners Prove To Be Wall Street And The Wealthy

Austerity's Big Winners Prove To Be Wall Street And The Wealthy:

Human Civilization at the precipice Threshold, of a New Millennium.

In the wake of the betrayal of Republican Ideology by the French Bourgeois; Emerged the skeptical Socioeconomic Theories of Germany`s Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.
At least the Monarchy had an excuse. Yes there was the Honor and Altruism of St. Louis, The Knights Template, and the Monastic Orders;  But that was a distant, more Nobel age ?
Indeed !
The American Revolution dispelled forever, the notion that cooperation with the Bougeois, would one day lead to the Restoration of the absolute elite.  And so, The Wheels Were Set In Motion:  The Second Republic, The German Workers Revolution of 1848, The American Civil War,  The Wuchang Uprising of 1911,  and The War To End All Wars ... ?
Once again, in America, lay the premise.  Speak softly, but carry a Big Stick !  Europe`s Twilight of the Gods, had made America, Rich, and Self Righteous.  America had not only become a Haven for The Old Worlds  huddled masses yearning to breath free;  She had become a lair, for her desperate capitalist Aristocracies.  The Colonists were never that fervent in their contempt for European Culture and Trade to begin with. Like the French, for many, Independence and Freedom, were merely a matter of Politics.  This we can see reaffirmed many times over in The Country`s Early History: Federalism, Indian Affairs, Westward Expansion, Industrialization,  Foreign Policy.  Thus it came as no surprise when the United States finally broke her silence, and entered the Great War on the Behalf of the Allies:  The League of Nations, NATO, The Cold War.  Can there be any doubt, that the current Polariztaion  of our own Society, and the global Class War crisis, enveloping almost the entire world; Is not, but the apocalyptic Nostradamus Effect  foreseen by messers Marx and Engels, in those wee hours of The Modern World.

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